The standard-bearer for creativity and innovation in visual effects and animation,

attracts talent, partners

and clients who seek to push what is possible in pursuit of their artistic vision.

Our Story

Founded in 2010, by Rami Al-Fuqaha'a, Trixel studios is a well-established Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) production house that is fully equipped with leading-edge computer systems, render farms and video editing capabilities becoming a well-known contributor to the CGI production industry in the middle east and beyond; delivering groundbreaking work which has set a novel standard for the region.

Trixel studios are run by a team of acknowledged professionals working around the clock delivering a state of the art who have more than 25 years of experience in several fields ranging from Modelling, Visualization, and Virtual Reality.

  1. 1st place winner of Hollywood festival for happy family stop motion pictures (The Last Drop of Oil).
  2. 2nd Place Dubai festival for a short film (The Power of Generation).
  3. Trixel is Partner with AutoDesk, Pixologic, and Chaosgroup.
  4. Our CEO is the first Autodesk Certified Expert and Instructor in the Arab region in 2009.
  5. Our CEO is the first certified VRay for 3Ds Max and Maya instructor in the world.
  6. Design & Develop Virtual worlds in addition to Augmented & Mixed Reality.

In 2022 Trixel joined forces with UBitc group, combining technical expertise with creative vision; UBitc group is a well-established and directed by a highly professional and skilled BOD with a visionary and strategic business objective together becoming core players in the global CGI Industry. Combining two visions and broad experiences that met utilizing all technical and commercial resources to expand and grow both businesses in Media technology, VR/AR/MR solutions, Software development, and System integration, launching fully-equipped studios for cinematics, VFX, XR production, chroma, and unreal engine virtual production.

Meet Our Team

Rami Al- Fuqahaa

Founder / Managing Director

Samer Hammouri

Art Director

Nebal Gammoh


Ismail Atshan

Marketing Director

Baker Awad

3D Artist

Amal Sharara

3D Character Specialist

Lama Siouri

3D Artist

Tamer Al- Shishani

3D Technical Artist

Ehab Ghatasheh

3D Technical Artist

What Makes
Us Different

Our Vision

Combine cutting-edge technology and a first-class talent team to generate creative and revolutionary foundations and strategies that aspire to raise a phenomenal world through technology.

Our Mission

Produce high-quality, innovative work for our clients that goes above and beyond their expectations. Through our work, we strive to transform even the most eccentric dreams into reality, simply we transfer your vision into reality.

What We Do

We offer diverse services & operations to design and develop virtual worlds in addition to Augmented & Mixed reality, Trixel’s ability to merge photo-realistic digital images with live footage is renowned throughout the industry, add to it our development and innovation that houses the talent and tools to take on any project.